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Gold Plated Hot Swap Sockets for PCBs


Precision made in Switzerland, these tiny gold plated sockets allow your PCB to be "hot-swappable", meaning no soldering required*. Just insert the sockets into your PCB, then insert your switch of choice and you're set!

Each switch hole will require two hot swap sockets. A custom 60% PCB will require ~130x sockets. If you prefer to play with winkeyless, winkey, HHKB layouts, extra sockets can be inserted into the PCB. Fancy TKL boards instead? No problem, that's why we offer the option of purchasing 130x, 150x, 180x or 210x sockets!

10x sockets for testing purposes
60% PCBs will need 130x sockets
65% PCBs will need 150x sockets
TKL PCBs will need 180x sockets
96 Key, full size, etc will need 210x sockets

*PCBs that support ISO layout may require a tiny bit of solder on the \ | key to keep the socket in place due to there not being a full circle to hold the sockets fully.

To make your PCB hot-swappable, you'll need some tweezers and a blunt tip/spudger. Carefully drop in each hot swap socket into your PCB and gently push the socket in with a rounded tip/spudger. Make sure to apply force evenly and rotate the tool in a circular motion. When installed properly, the socket should stick inside the PCB and not fall out or come out with the switch.

Due to variance in PCB pin hole diameters, some may be a perfect fit while others are tight/loose. These sockets have been confirmed to work on the following boards:

Leeku PCBs


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