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Tealios V2 (Linear)


*Please note:* Due to extended CNY and COVID-19 incident, switches are currently out of stock. They are still in production and will start shipping out end of February / early March. There will be a short lead time between orders.


Switches are now sold in bundles of 10. One order = 10x switches. Ten orders = 100x switches!

Voted Best modern keyboard or company - Deskthority Awards 2016

Tealios come in 1 variant. The spring weight is rated at "bottom out" force, not actuation! Our Tealios have been tweaked with wobble reduction and improved smoothness compared to regular Gateron linears.

  • 67g - Transparent, Light Teal-Blue Stem, PCB Mount [Linear]

Please note that PCB mounted switches can still be used in many plate mounted keyboards. As long as your PCB underneath has 2 extra holes next to the center post, it will support PCB Mounted switches and add extra rigidity to your build. If your PCB does not have the extra holes, then you can simply cut the small plastic legs off to make them Plate-Mount!


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