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[Black Friday] Zeal65 RGB LED PCB

$90.00 $150.00

Black Friday Pre-sale is now live! Zeal65 PCBs are available for immediate shipping. Please do not combine Black Friday sale items with regular GB orders. Doing so will result in an order cancellation without further notice. 

Various "A" stock and "B" stock PCBs up for grabs! Optimized for Gateron / V1 Zealios that have thicker PCB mount legs for a perfect snug fit.

A stock may contain very minor imperfections on the front face of the soldermask. This is covered up when switches and a plate is installed.

B stock may contain minor scratches or discoloration throughout the board (front/back). Functionality wise, there are no issues between the two.

All PCBs are pre-flashed and hand tested to be fully functional.

You may add a set of 7u stabilizers to your order at a combo price.

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