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[GB] R2 Zephyr 65% Custom Keyboard Kit


5/22, all Zephyrs shipped. 

Update 2/26, PVD factory has provided us a date of March 2nd to finish the replacement PVD parts. Fingers crossed there are no further delays.

Update 1/20, Zephyrs 60% shipped, waiting on some replacement parts that will send after CNY ends. Apologies for the delay.

Update 12/31, Zephyrs still shipping, about 20% shipped. 

Update 11/30, Zephyrs arrived, currently double QC'ing. Waiting on remaining V2 switches to arrive and new Zeal65 PCBs that are coming in a week or two.

Update 11/13, Zephyrs are being packed / QC'd at the factory level, currently packing.

Update 9/14, Eggplant purple pictures added. Switches that were added with the Zephyr order will also be updated to the V2 variant. GB will end September 21, 2018 at 23:59 PST.

Update 9/12: Shipment released, finally moving. Should show up 9/14 if no further delays.

Update 9/10: Purple Zephyr sample is stuck in Chinese customs pending inspection before release...

Update 9/6: Purple Zephyr sample is coming in September 10th. We will take pictures of the case and extend the GB until September 21. In the meantime, production of the cases is already in progress.

Update 8/15: Still waiting on revised purple Zephyr sample. We will make an announcement/send out a newsletter when the purple Zephyr comes in. Thank you for your patience as we're eager to show the purple sample as well.

We are extending the group buy for another 2 weeks as we're awaiting for the Eggplant Purple Zephyr sample to come in. 

This is a group buy for the Zephyr 65% keyboard kit. GB is open from July 1, 2018 to September 17, 2018, 23:59 PST. Estimated shipping time frame is December, 2018.

Transparent Screw-in Stabilizers are included in this kit. Switches extra. You have the option to add 70x Zealios/Zilents/Tealios to your order for +$40 (Zealios & Tealios), or +$50 (Zilents).

What's included?

Zephyr Black & Gold Box
Zephyr 65% Aluminum Keyboard
5mm CNC PVD Brass Plate
PVD Brass Nameplate
Zeal65 黑金 Special Edition RGB PCB
1x 7u, 3x 2u Zeal Screw-in Stabilizers
Custom Bumpons

In Switch RGB LEDs
Black & Gold "黑金" PCB, Gold Traces
PCB Fully Factory Soldered
5mm Plate, CNC Cut to Support Switch Snap Fit
Polished PVD Brass Plate & Nameplate
ANSI WKL only (1.5/1.5/7/1.5/1.5/1/1/1)
Regular/Stepped Caps Lock Support
Split Backspace Support
Dovetail Inspired Interlocking Construction
Anti Stabilizer Wire Popping Out Technology

Total kit weight before PCB: 2kg

Color Options for R2:
Eggplant Purple (Anodized ring sample only)
Midnight Blue
Onyx Black

Gold PVD
Silver PVD

At the Forefront of Innovation.


GB/Pre-order TERMS

Please read the following terms carefully.

We pack all our items we sell with great care. However once an item has been shipped, we cannot be held responsible for any damaged goods delivered by the courier/postal company. We will also not be responsible for failure of goods delivered by the courier/postal company due to any acts of God.
Refunds are only available during the GB/Pre-order phase. No refunds allowed once the Group Buy order has been placed with the manufacturer. Please contact us via the contact form if you would like to request a refund and meet the above criteria.

Zeal Generation Inc. reserves the right to change and/or modify its policies at any given time without any prior notice.
By pre-ordering and participating in this buy hosted on ZealPC.net, you hereby irrevocably agree to the above stated terms.


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