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Cherry Original Blank Black POM Keycap Set


Here's your chance to purchase the original Cherry keycap set found on the G80-3000LPCXY-2! Supply is extremely limited!

Every keycap is 1.5mm thick, except for the bubbled windows key, which are ~0.5mm thick.

POM is denser than PBT, so the bottom out sounds are even quieter. The plastic material is naturally slippery, but also has a very smooth feeling to it as well. It is quite a unique typing experience that you won't find on ABS/PBT keycaps!

Each keycap set is individually sorted & organized into rows/mods/60%/TKL/Numpad as shown in the product picture.

Please Note:
This Cherry Keycap set requires your keyboard to be configured with a stepped capslock as well as an off-center 6.25x spacebar!


Sound clip of the keycaps while being typed on

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