Dolch Keycap Set – Zeal Generation Inc.

Dolch Keycap Set


A classic colourway loved by every keyboard enthusiast!
  • Made in Germany
  • Original Cherry Corp Thick Double Shot molding
  • Keycaps are 100% compatible with Ducky (Shine/Mini/Zero), CM QFR, Filco, Poker X, Poker II, KBT Pure and many other custom keyboards!

Base Kit:

  • Comes with standard US ANSI 104 keys
  • Stepped Caps Lock
  • FN Key
  • UK ISO support
  • 1.5u modifiers for WKL layout
  • 2x blank 1u keys for WKL
  • 7u spacebar
  • Numpad 1u Ø and ØØ keys

Add-on Kit:

  • Esc & Joker Novelty keys
  • R3 Cyan on Gray Control key in place of Caps Lock
  • Cyan on Gray Windows 8 keys for winkeyless and winkey layouts
  • White on Cyan Enter keys
  • White on Cyan "Arrow" WASD keys
  • HHKB Backspace key
  • Cyan on Gray F&J home row keys with dashes

Spacebar Kit:

  • 1x 6.25u spacebar
  • 1x 7u spacebar


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