[GB] Pink Rosélios / Sakurios (Silent Linear) - Limited Edition – Zeal Generation Inc.

[GB] Pink Rosélios / Sakurios (Silent Linear) - Limited Edition


Thanks everyone that participated in this limited edition switch group buy! We will proceed with ordering with Gateron very shortly to secure a production time slot ASAP.

This is a limited edition Group Buy for Rosélios and Sakurios. MOQ is 20,000. GB will be open from February 1 - 14, 2019 PT. Production will start February 15.

62g Sakurios (サクリオス) will feature Pantone 1765C stem.
67g Rosélios will feature Pantone 189C stem.

These switches will keep you company this Valentine's day. Indulge yourself with these smooth and silent linears with every stroke.

 1 order = 10x switches. 

Expected fulfillment time is March 2019. 

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