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Turquoise Tealios Switches (Linear)


Introducing our Second Release of Boutique Collection  Switches - Turquoise Tealios

These switches were designed with the enthusiasts in mind that value aesthetics and ultimate smoothness. Two weights are offered: 63.5g and 65g bottom out.

63.5g Turquoise Tealios feature a vibrant Tiffany blue housing and stem, carefully matched to be a vivid and colorful switch that everyone knows and loves.

65g Turquoise Tealios feature a slightly bluer toned stem with a blue topaz bottom. This creates a switch with a visually striking appearance while still recognizable as from our Tealios line.

Ultimate smoothness with a newly revised bottom housing, our switches are even smoother than before. The color matching possibilities are endless.

Our Tealios are currently the smoothest MX switch available on the market. Give our new new 63.5g weight a try, or go with 65g for the ultimate linear experience.


1 Order = 10 Switches.

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