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[Pre-order] R2 Zeal60 RGB LED PCB

$130.00 $145.00

Custom assembled in the USA with our signature purple Zealio soldermask.

Zeal60 supports: ANSI, ISO, HHKB, Winkey & Winkeyless layouts.

All RGB backlit LEDs can be individually controllable with any value from 0-255 R/G/B (currently via hues/saturation). The LEDs face the switch side, not underside. USB Mini B. Customer will have to source their own 60% keyboard plate & case.

All RGB LEDs, Diodes, Resistors, Controllers are factory presoldered. Only the switches need to be soldered. 

Zeal60 runs off the QMK Firmware

Compatible with most POKER style keyboard cases & standard 60% aluminum custom keyboard kits.

We recommend that you use Zealio switches in combination with your Zeal60 RGB PCB for optimal lighting distribution. Alternatively, Gateron switches with milky bottoms and Cherry RGB switches can be used.

Each Zeal60 PCB comes with a complimentary set of 6x gold plated M2 screws for your case.


GB pricing will remain until Feb 26, 2017 11:59PM (PST). After then, pricing will be adjusted to pre-order pricing until the switches have arrived. Projecting shipping time frame is April-May, 2017.

Zealios are expected to ship out from Gateron to me on or before end of March 2017.

A 4.5% handling fee will be applied for all GB items in order to cover CC fees during GB pricing, as well as packing materials and boxes. The fee is shown as "Tax/VAT", etc during checkout.



GB/Pre-order TERMS

Please read the following terms carefully.

We pack all our items we sell with great care. However once an item has been shipped, we cannot be held responsible for any damaged goods delivered by the courier/postal company. We will also not be responsible for failure of goods delivered by the courier/postal company due to any acts of God.
Refunds are only available during the GB/Pre-order phase. No refunds allowed once the Group Buy order has been placed with the manufacturer. Please contact us via the contact form if you would like to request a refund and meet the above criteria.

Zeal PC reserves the right to change and/or modify its policies at any given time without any prior notice.
By pre-ordering and participating in this buy hosted on ZealPC.net, you hereby irrevocably agree to the above stated terms.

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