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Zealencio Silencing Clips


Custom designed plate mount compatible (also PCB mount compatible) silencing clips designed to fit Zealio, Zilent, Tealio, Gateron & Cherry switches. The clips are only 0.9mm thick, allowing for a firm bottom out without reducing key travel as much as O-rings. Both bottom out and up stroke sounds are dampened while using Cherry profile keycaps. OEM/DSA/DCS/SA caps have the upstroke silenced only.

Please note that the Zealencio silencing clips may not be compatible with Cherry clicky switches due to the variance in sprue mark location on the MX Blue & Green stems. Zealencio silencing clips are best used with linear & tactile switches.

For optimal compatibility with various keycap profiles, Zealencio silencing clips should be used with keyboards that have the switch LED facing South (user side)

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