4 pin RGB LED (Through Hole, 2.54mm pitch) – Zeal Generation Inc.

4 pin RGB LED (Through Hole, 2.54mm pitch)


PLEASE NOTE: A 4-pin RGB LED through-hole compatible PCB is required for these LEDs to function properly. Please be reminded that regular PCBs such as GH60, GON, WKL PCBs, Pok3r, etc do not currently support these LEDs!

Please order 4 pin RGB LEDs in multiples of 10, thank you.

Custom made waterclear 4 pin RGB LED's specifically made to match Zealio switches. These 4 pin RGB LEDs are lower profile so they do not interfere with Cherry profile keycaps when installed facing North. SA/DSA/OEM profile keycaps may allow the RGB LEDs to face South.

4pin RGB LEDs are Common Anode.

For more details on 4 pin RGB LED supported PCBs, please refer to this thread on GeekHack: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=81026.0

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