B-Stock Zeal60 (Varying Scratches Visible on Surface) – Zeal Generation Inc.

B-Stock Zeal60 (Varying Scratches Visible on Surface)

$99.00 $145.00

These are B-Stock Zeal60s up for sale. Functionally, there are no issues. Each board comes pre-flashed with our V0.6 Firmware. They have each been tested to work and all LEDs are functional. The only reason these PCBs are being sold at a discount is due to some large surface scratches visible, and/or multiple small scratches across the board on either surface(s). Scratches will vary per board and and as such, we cannot guarantee the severity of scratch(es) on your PCB. These B-Stock PCBs are being sold AS-IS and there will be no refunds or exchanges allowed. By purchasing this product, you understand and agree to these terms.


A 4.5% "Tax" as handling charge will be applied at checkout for this product.

6x M2 gold plated screws will be included with your PCB.

A few pictures of varying scratches are shown to give the customer an idea of the scratches.

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