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Crystal™ Switches (Tactile)

Weight: 60g

1 Order = 10x Switches

Introducing our first fully clear switch - The Crystal Series.

-Tactile, based on Zealio™ V2 stem design, but different feeling and more tactile.
-60g bottom out weight
-Fully clear switch for maximum RGB shine through
-Polished Nylon stem, like our Zeal™ stabilizer V2
-PC Top, Nylon bottom
-Gold Plated Spring

This switch uses Gateron's latest CAP series design to add stability to the stem, while also making it more lube friendly. Gone are the days where switch lube pools into the bottom pole.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Great switches, very crisp feel when pressing down on it. Would buy it again.


Any issue you I had with them is from personal preference. It’s a fine switch.


Great typing feel. Stronger tactile press compared to zealios v2

Shocked at the thock

I wanted to figure out which tactile switch I would like the best, so I accumulated almost every commercially available tactile switch on the market. At first glance, I wasn't a big fan of these switches. There was quite a bit of spring ping and petty clacky. However once lubed and filmed, these are the MOST THOCKY tactile switch on the market with no clack. I was extremely surprised to find this out because I honestly just purchased these to do my due diligence and try everything. This was tested on a KBDFans d65 and it blew everything else away. Here is what else I tried:
Boba U4T
Boba U4 Silent
Neopolitan Ice Cream
Coffee Chips
Dark Jade's
Tecsee Saphire
Zealio V2
Zilent V2
Aqua Zilent
Drop Holy pandas
Cotton Candy
SP Star Magic Girl
Ergo clears
Cherry clear
Cherry brown

The next closest switches were the U4T's, Neopolitans, and then the ergo clears.