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[GB] XENO | 75% Custom Keyboard Kit (Full Plate)

Case Color: Black
Polished Brass PVD Color: Rose Gold
Add 85x Switches?: No

June 10 update:

WT75-A PCBs finished, on hand.
A few PVD parts need to be redone, this may delay fulfillment by 1-2 weeks from the manufacturer. Current ETA end of June.
Small Acrylic Xeno LED diffuser still cutting, shipping to us soon. 


This is a group buy for the Xeno 75% keyboard kit (full plate). GB is open from November 26, 2018 to February 15, 2019, 23:59 PST. Estimated shipping time frame is April-May, 2019 due to Chinese New Year Holidays during February. This also allows customers to recover from the Christmas Holiday spending. Please note that as this is a group buy, and once the order is placed with the manufacturer, refunds cannot be processed. By purchasing a Xeno, you hereby agree to these terms. 

Transparent Screw-in Stabilizers are included in this kit. Switches extra. You have the option to add 85x Zealios/Zilents/Tealios/Healios to your order for +$60 (Zealios & Tealios), or +$70 (Zilents & Healios).

A meticulously crafted PVD plate designed hand-in-hand with the tasteful black & copper PCB for increased flex lends itself to an experience so :ahegao:, that you will get even more #feelios from your V2 Zealios and Zilents. Enter Xeno.


- XENO Black & Copper Storage Box
- XENO 75% Aluminum Keyboard Kit
- XENO Special Edition Black & Copper PCB for increased feelios
- 1.5mm PVD & Hand Polished Brass Plate
- PVD & Hand Polished Brass Weight (1.2kg)
- 1x 6.25u OR 7u, 3x 2u Zeal Screw-in Stabilizers (mention preference in checkout notes). Default is 6.25u if no comment. 
- Custom Bumpons


- 7° Typing Angle
- Top Mounted
- QMK Compatible
- Black & Copper Aesthetics PCB by Wilba
- Factory Soldered SMD Parts
- ANSI Full Plate. WK & WKL Only
(1.25/1.25/1.25/6.25/1.25/1.25/gap/1/1/1) OR (1.5/1/1.5/7/1.5/gap/1/1/1)
- Regular/Stepped Caps Lock Support
- Split Backspace Support

Total kit weight before PCB: ~2.4kg

Case Color Options:
- Black
- Silver
- Purple

Brass Color Options:
- Rose Gold PVD
- Silver PVD
- Black PVD


Purchase Extra Parts Here:

XENO PCB - $65
XENO Plate (Full/Half) - $65

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