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Luft Qi - The Smallest, Filterless Air Purifier. Destroys Toxins and Allergens

$99.99 $169.00

We have secured a small quantity of ready stock Luft Qi air purifiers from the factory direct in Taiwan. Once the product is sold out, we will take pre-orders and fulfillment will be done within 2 weeks from when we place the order.

Available colors for ordering:

  • White + Silver Ring
  • White + Black Ring
  • White + Red Ring
  • Aqua + Silver Ring

The Luft Qi is designed to have a small and compact form factor. It's the size of an aluminum beer/pop can. Fits into the cup holders of your the car, bring it with you everywhere you go! Requires only USB power. Can be plugged in 24/7/365 without issues. Only 25dB as well during operation (quieter than whispers). 

Clean Air Just For You

Luft Qi provides an innovative way to solve the most common problems caused by poor indoor air quality. If you …...

  • Suffer from allergies  (Rely on medicine to stop your sneezing, stuffy nose and itchy eyes for years?)
  • Feel tired, dizziness, or fatigue in the office
  • Tried to get rid of cigarette or tobacco smell
  • Don’t like the mildew smell in your car
  • Want to protect your newborn or your loved ones from airborne bacteria and virus
  • Have a newly decorated home, but bad odors make you uncomfortable. These are actually toxic chemicals emitted from paints, furniture, varnish, or flooring.

Say hello to the air purifier that will change your view of air purifiers forever. Equipped with the most advanced photocatalysis nanotechnology, Luft Qi is designed to clean the air around you.

Traditional HEPA filters trap bacteria and mold, and are also perfect places for them to grow. Studies have shown that those microorganisms can grow and multiply on filters quickly and release back into the air.

Unlike traditional HEPA filters, Luft Qi uses Nano Photocatalyst to fully destroy pollutants, instead of trapping them!

Compare the mold and bacteria in these two boxes. Image this is the air around you! 
This time-lapse video shows how effective Luft Qi is:

Embrace a Toxin-Free Living

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are most common in home with smokers, wood flooring, new furniture or new construction. These toxic gases are too small to be captured by HEPA filters. Only Luft Qi can break them at the molecular level.

91% of formaldehyde is removed by Luft Qi in SGS Certification Test.  
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