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Taiwan White Switch (Aristotle)


Nice, crisp & clicky switch that is Cherry MX Compatible. Quite a distinct feeling that's unlike any other Cherry/Gateron clicky switch.

These plate mounted switches are NEW OLD STOCK (20+ years old) as the switch manufacturer has long sold its tooling. Limited quantity available.

-These switches do not support LEDs, or any other aftermarket switch top covers.

Most customers that purchase these switches mod the stems into Zealio housings, dubbed "Zealiostotles". Think of them as the Blue Alps of the MX world. High tactile bump, distinctive tactile feedback, super crisp click. Zealiostotles are unparallelled when compared to MX mount clicky switches. Due to the old switch variance and being a frankenmod, some Aristotle stems may be slightly too fat to fit in Gateron/Zealio tops. Play around with different combinations until they fit or use a slightly stiffer spring/sand a bit of the guiding rails on the switch top to allow for micro clearance.

Here's a great video review by Chyrosan22 of the Zealiostotles in action:


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