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Zeal Vault™ | LZ Keyboards - SK, CP, CLS

Keyboard: TGR CE Black/Red

More Zeal Vault™ keyboards are being unlocked. Today we will be listing a few rare LZ keyboards. 

1x LZ-CP in Black/Red type-A/Stainless Plate w/ optional diffuser (some imperfections, please refer to pictures). Small GB, 2015.

1x NIXDORF Vintage Keyboard. Rare "nixie" vintage blacks. Spacebar has a rare white nixie vintage white switch.

1x LZ-SK #1 in Blue/Blue, Aluminum Plate w/ optional diffuser, clear acrylic bottom w/ cone feet. Brushed weight, may requires further polishing. Private GB, low production, 2015. 

1x LZ-SK #2 in Gray/Gray, Stainless Plate w/ optional diffuser, clear acrylic bottom w/ cone feet. Matte/Satin weight, may require further polishing. Private GB, low production, 2015. 

1x LZ-SK #3 in Blue/Gray, Aluminum & Stainless Plate w/ extra PCB (Total 2 plates & 2 PCBs), w/ optional diffuser. Brushed weight, may require further polishing. Private GB, low production, 2015. 

1x LZ-CLS (wkl) #1 in Silver / Brass Weight. Alu Plate 2017 Classic. 

1x LZ-CLS (wkl) #2 in Gray / Stainless Weight. Alu Plate  2017 Classic. 

2x rare unengraved TGR Jane CEs are now up for grabs. 

Black / Red plate unengraved (stealth TGR mirror engraved inside)

Olive / Red plate unengraved (stealth TGR mirror engraved inside). *Samsung S6 not included, just for picture purposes.

Both 7075 hard anodized aluminum. Brass weight nickel plated. 

Yellow TX87 PCB by Kin, All SMD parts soldered.

Signature will be required, free shipping via DHL Express. Keyboards sold as-is, as shown in the pictures. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Best Spent of Hard Earn Money

Best decision in my life. With this I was able to type and do my work simillarly from my cheapo keyboard. In serious debt but at least I get to type on a keyboard which feels amazing like my other keyboard.

Others news . Knee deep in debts. Everyone still do not understand why on earth would you buy it. At least i get to type on a very expensive keyboard.

Mark Messier

I had to sell one of my kidneys for this.

Joseph Armeni
Found true love

Ever since I bought my board, I've now noticed that a number of beautiful women have been approaching me regularly. Maybe it's the wad of cash I leave poking out of my trousers, or maybe it's my bedazzling keyboard I carry around my left-arm. Who knows.
Either way, it didn't really help me last longer in bed; maybe buying more boards will help.


I can't believe what I have done in the past month just to get this. Left my wife left the kids starved my self for 3 weeks sold my car and my furniture. I am now sitting in my apartment with this amazing keyboard frame. YOU GUYS MUST INVEST.

John Longson
Best keyboard I’ve ever used

I’ve tried all the pills from my spam folder and nothing has helped me grow like this keyboard.