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Zeal® Transparent Gold Plated Screw-in Stabilizers V2

Zeal Stabilizer Packs: 4x 2u, 1x 6.25u

The Original and best transparent screw-in stabilizers on the market that have zero rattle. For 1.6mm Standard  thickness PCBs only. 

Custom made PCB mount screw-in stabilizers designed by Zeal®. The insert is vintage "pre-clipped" style, so no need to clip the feet. The outer casing features a custom designed nut, specifically made to prevent stripping of the threads. Wires, screws and nuts are topped off with a smooth, dazzling gold plated finish.

Similar looking clone stabilizers exist on the market. Please do not be fooled by the looks as they are not properly designed and not up to the same standards/QC as our own in house designed ones. We do not sell our Zeal® stabilizers outside of, Drop &

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
My favorite stabs

I've tried all of the community suggested stabs, and these are simply the best IMO. Always smooth, no rattle, and just a perfect feel for all my builds. And as always, kudos to Zeal for fast shipping and superb support.

Jem Pimentel
Nothing else comes close

S tier as far as stabilizers go. Accept no substitutes.

the only stabs i buy

they feel great. ive never had a single complaint. much better quality than most

Worth the Cash

I bought these to replace the goat stabs in my gmmk pro as they were just awful. Was skeptical as to how much of a difference aftermarket stabs would make. I was pleasantly surprised. They were easy to assemble and install and they are a huge step up from the goat stabilizers. They feel smooth and have very little rattle. I lubed them a bit just with some glube i had and that turned out great. They may seem pricey but are well worth the money.


Tight tolerances, quality materials and premium plating of all metal parts make these stabs top class all the way through. They were wonderful to work with, easy to lube and the wire locking snugly into place.