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Clickiez® Switches (Clicky)

Weight: 40g

Switches in stock! 

1 Order = 10x Switches

Our long awaited premium clicky switch is finally here! After years of development and countless rounds of prototyping, samples, and delays, what better gift is there than to release the Clickiez® on Christmas day?

Clickiez® are offered in two weights:

40g bottom out (73g peak force, 32g actuation)
75g bottom out (95g peak force, 58g actuation)

Clickiez® are the world's first 3-in-1 MX switch that can transform into three different MX style switches via a non permanent mod to the leaf. These switches are fully compatible with Cherry profile keycaps when used with South facing switches (LED slot facing South, or in this case Zeal Logo facing South)

Featuring a Patented (US: US11923157B2, CA: CA3207809C)multi mode click leaf design, this switch can be transformed from Clicky to Ultra High Tactile (think BKE level, but even more extreme) to super smooth Linear switch modes by simply moving the secondary switch leaf within the housing. Demonstration video will be provided in January 2022. Please note that this mod will require opening the switch, and we do not provide any warranties or replacements for user damaged switches or leafs. We do not carry spare / loose switch parts as all switches are factory assembled.

This switch uses Gateron's latest CAP series design to add stability to the stem, while also making it more lube friendly. Gone are the days where switch lube pools into the bottom pole.

Please note: These Clickiez are NOT compatible with Costar stabilizers due to the click leaf design for the housing causing interference with the wire. Please use Cherry stabilizers only.  

In stock shipping out same business day / next business day. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Absolute endgame of tactility

I got the 75 gram clickiez for a lego keyboard I built from KBD craft. I wanted to make the keyboard feel and sound like you were snapping Legos together and that goal was accomplished. Everyone who has tried this board I made have said it's the best sounding and most satisfying keyboard they've used. There is only one potential "downside" to this switch, but it being a downside 100% depends on your perspective on life as a whole...

Setting the 75 gram to tactile mode is not for the faint of heart. I promise you after just one week of daily driving this keyboard you can climb any mountain using just your fingers. You will be able to break a marine's hand with 0 effort. You will be able to enter a grip strength competition and win without any other training than typing. You could single handedly beat Donkey Kong in thumb wrestling match. This keyboard is the cause will be the cause of my future carpal tunnel, and I fully embrace that fact every day as I type with a huge smile on my face...

They are heavy, but that was exactly what I was looking for. If you like heavy, unapologetically tactile switches that click and clack like lego blocks, these are for you. I cannot stress how good these things sound. Get them in the 75 gram and start working on those finger muscles!

The switches i've been chasing....

These are the unicorn switches I've been looking for all of these years!!!
I've been looking for clicky switches with a deep pitch and not that annoying high pitched click that seems to be so prevalent these days. It sounds thocky yet poppy. IT is very reminiscent of the old school keyboards we used to have. The 40g tactility of this switch is perfect for light to medium typers who like to type quickly. So satisfying to type with these switches and not tiring at all.

I am in love and I am tempted to get the 70g for a more fun board. Throwing away all of my other clicky switches!!

Metal Neon
My Clicky Switch Endgame

I've been a fan of clicky Alps switches after trying some keyboards with them, like an Omnikey 101 with White Alps. While I did like Click Bar switches like Box Pinks for what they were, I really wanted something with a much more refined typing feel and much better typing acoustics. The 40g switches fill both of those needs perfectly. Tactile as all hell, and they sound beautiful, especially in an old-school roomy housing like what was seen on those older Alps boards. The tactility did take a little to get used to but I do love it a ton, and lubing a few loose switches does yield results that makes the tactility a little less overt and forward, without negatively impacting the feel or the acoustics. I hope they build on this switch design, such as a less tactile clicky version that better matches the tactility of Alps switches like Blue Alps, as well as switches set to tactile mode by default, because I feel like these switches have the potential to change the Tactile and Clicky switch scene permanently.

Lighter click leaves

Echoing another reviewer below - I tried batch of these and the peak tactilities are very high, and with the 40g variant, cause you bottom out very aggressively after that. Would immediately daily these if there was a less extreme, and later in the stroke (i.e. tactility starting mid-way like original Alps switches or MX Clears) tactile bump.


Insane tactility the likes of which no other MX clicky switch can even compare to.