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Aqua Zilent Switches (Silent Tactile)


Introducing our Boutique Collection of Switches - Aqua Zilents

These switches were designed with the enthusiasts in mind that value aesthetics, tactility, and silence. Two weights are offered: 62g and 67g bottom out.

62g Aqua Zilents feature a lighter toned aqua blue housing, carefully matched with our signature 62g Zilent V2 stem.

67g Aqua Zilents feature a darker toned aqua blue housing, carefully matched with our signature 67g Zilent V2 stem.

Superior tactility with a newly revised bottom housing, making our switches even smoother than before. The color matching possibilities are endless.

Zilents are currently the smoothest, quietest and most tactile MX switch available on the market. Tactile bump starts at the very top with no pre-travel.


The pre-order is extended, due to popular demand. Fulfillment is still scheduled for mid October.

1 Order = 10 Switches.

Estimated fulfillment is mid-October, 2019.

Fulfillment will start Oct 24, once the shipment comes on hand. Currently in transit and arriving in 24 hours.

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