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Japanese Kit Kats!

Title: 11x Dark Matcha Kit Kat

Hard to find Japanese snacks now available while you shop?!

Green Tea Kit Kat - Strong Matcha flavor

Hojicha (Roasted Matcha) - Sweet, slightly smoky with a mellow bitter aftertaste

Chestnut Kit Kat - Mild nutty/chestnut flavor, limited edition. 

Onsen Manju Kit Kat - Red Bean steamed bun flavor, limited edition. Onsen Manju is a traditional Japanese treat that is sold near most hot spring areas in Japan. Onsen Manju means "hot spring steamed buns" and are steamed buns filled with a sweet red bean paste. 

Japanese Cheesecake Kit Kat - Japanese cheesecake flavour, sweet and savory cheesecake taste.

Passion Fruit Kit Kat - Strong passion fruit flavor. Sweet and tropical with a hint of tartness

Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kat - White chocolate paired with strawberry cheesecake flavor

Shinshu Apple Kit Kat - Japanese Shinshu apple flavored milk chocolate Kit Kat

White Chocolate Kit Kat -  Thin flecks of feuilletine add crispy texture to the creamy white chocolate, with a hidden layer of chocolate cream inside.

Strawberry Kit Kat - Strong Strawberry smell / taste. Very fruity. 

Sweeter Strawberry Kit Kat - Slightly sweeter / more sugar. 

Matcha Tiramisu Kit Kat - Matcha infused white chocolate on the outside, with a mascarpone crème filling between the wafers.

Peach Parfait Kit Kat - Cream blended with peach powder sandwiched between crispy wafers and wrapped in peach-flavored white chocolate.

Sakura Kit Kat - Limited edition seasonal sakura blossom flavor kit kat. 

Sparkling Wine with Strawberry - Strong sake smell and taste, with a strawberry filling. These Kit Kats contain 0.1% alcohol per serving.

Milk Tea Kit Kat - Creamy milk tea flavored kit kat. 

Peach Kit Kat - White Peach and White Chocolate flavor.

Matcha Latte Kit Kat - Matcha mixed with White Chocolate Kit Kat.


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