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Japanese Kit Kats!

Title: 10x Strawberry Kit Kat

Hard to find Japanese snacks now available while you shop?!

Green Tea Kit Kat - Strong Matcha flavor

Hojicha (Roasted Matcha) - Sweet, slightly smoky with a mellow bitter aftertaste

Chestnut Kit Kat - Mild nutty/chestnut flavor, limited edition. 

Onsen Manju Kit Kat - Red Bean steamed bun flavor, limited edition. Onsen Manju is a traditional Japanese treat that is sold near most hot spring areas in Japan. Onsen Manju means "hot spring steamed buns" and are steamed buns filled with a sweet red bean paste. 

Japanese Cheesecake Kit Kat - Japanese cheesecake flavour, sweet and savory cheesecake taste.

Passion Fruit Kit Kat - Strong passion fruit flavor. Sweet and tropical with a hint of tartness

Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kat - White chocolate paired with strawberry cheesecake flavor

Shinshu Apple Kit Kat - Japanese Shinshu apple flavored milk chocolate Kit Kat

White Chocolate Kit Kat -  Thin flecks of feuilletine add crispy texture to the creamy white chocolate, with a hidden layer of chocolate cream inside.

Strawberry Kit Kat - Strong Strawberry smell / taste. Very fruity. 

Sweeter Strawberry Kit Kat - Slightly sweeter / more sugar. 

Matcha Tiramisu Kit Kat - Matcha infused white chocolate on the outside, with a mascarpone crème filling between the wafers.

Peach Parfait Kit Kat - Cream blended with peach powder sandwiched between crispy wafers and wrapped in peach-flavored white chocolate.

Sakura Kit Kat - Limited edition seasonal sakura blossom flavor kit kat. 

Sparkling Wine with Strawberry - Strong sake smell and taste, with a strawberry filling. These Kit Kats contain 0.1% alcohol per serving.

Milk Tea Kit Kat - Creamy milk tea flavored kit kat. 

Peach Kit Kat - White Peach and White Chocolate flavor.

Matcha Latte Kit Kat - Matcha mixed with White Chocolate Kit Kat.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I purchased these, in Green Tea, for my daughter. I got them as fluff to qualify my order for free shipping.

They're actually pretty good, and my daughter who is sort of into Japanese things likes that they actually are JDM candies.

Christopher Rossi
So good!

i had like 10 out of the bag in japan before my flight home to australia.... worst idea haha but very very tasty! so yeah dont have a bunch if u plan on going anywhere lol i went like 5 times on the plane XD <3