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Pearlio™ Switches (Linear)

1 Order = 10x Switches. 

Real UHMWPE stem with polished stem rails paired with polished Nylon bottom housing creates the ultimate linear switch for the smoothest travel possible. Seriously, this will be the smoothest switch you'll ever feel. 

-Buttery smooth Linear
-60g bottom out
-Real UHMWPE stem...unlike others claiming this
-Self lubricating
-Redesigned internals for increased stability
-PC Top, Nylon bottom
-Gold Plated Long Spring (Slightly higher starting force than regular switches)

This switch uses Gateron's latest CAP series design to add stability to the stem, while also making it more lube friendly. Gone are the days where switch lube pools into the bottom pole.

Sound test with stock Pearlio™ switches.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

So smooth! Fast shipping too! I love them!

My new favorite switch

These switches are terrific and as advertised. Remarkably and consistently smooth with the usual high quality from ZealPC. The best linear switches I've tried to date.

If you don't want to deal with lubing and you just want a super smooth experience out of the box, these are well worth the cost. I'm using them on my Mode Sonnet and they sound fantastic. Very little wobble, and no spring ping.

An exceptional linear

Compared to the popular alpaca v2s (both stock):
These feel smoother but with slightly more spring ping (likely due to the snappier spring). They are also higher pitched; the return hit to the top housing has a distinct sound that I can describe best as two glass marbles bumping into each other. The pearlios unfortunately have a bit more stem wobble than alpacas.

Overall, they are a very solid linear switch. I think the alpacas are a better buy from a value standpoint especially if you plan to lube and film them. However, the unique sound and similarly great stock experience make for a compelling purchase if the price isn't a turning point for you.

Trevor Odle
Just buy some!

I've only tested about 6 different types of switches so far, mostly linear and then some Holy Pandas, but these are by far my favorite switches so far. No lube or filming needed as they are ready to rock stock! Picked up two set of 70 and will probably buy more in the future if stock allows.

Zeals also noticed my two separate orders and combined them into one and refunded the shipping on the other. 5 star experience all around from the product to the people behind it.

Thank you!

The perfect linear experience

Very competent factory lube job, unrivaled smoothness, uniquely high pitched, yet not plasticky sound signature, good tolerances and a very nice slow curve spring. All of this combined makes Pearlios a powerhouse of a linear switch.

These are amazing stock and don't need lubing at all. In fact, no linear I know of matches their smoothness. If you are still set on lubing, consider using an oil or a very thin grease like 203 (I recommend doing stem and leaf only for this method) to avoid making them feel sluggish. Same applies to other polished switches.

Overall, except for the price I've got no complaints regarding this switch. One of the best releases the hobby has seen in a while.