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FAQ & Shipping Info


Q: Where are you located?
A: We are a Canadian based shop that ships worldwide!


Q: What currency does your store charge in?
A: Our shop charges in USD. The reason is that CAD is too unstable to be used as a reliable currency when dealing with manufacturers worldwide.


Q: Are there any other alternate shipping methods other than DHL Express?
A: We only ship DHL Express to USA due to the amazingly quick (1 business day) delivery times. Shipping via Canada Post with tracking costs $1 less, but can take anywhere from 4-15 business days. Canadian shipments are sent via Canada Post, as DHL does not ship domestically.


Q: DHL Express shipping is too expensive! Can you ship untracked?
A: Shipping untracked can cause lots of problems for both parties. In order to protect both sides, we've chosen to only offer DHL Express shipping to USA. Only international buyers have the option to ship small items untracked; however, Zeal PC will not be liable for any lost or damaged goods received via this method.


Q: Do I have to be home for DHL to deliver?
A: Yes and no. For the most part, if you live in a house / open apartment, DHL requires a signature at the point of delivery. However, if you know that you will not be available that day to sign for the package, you can also leave a signed note with your tracking #, name & signature telling the delivery person to leave the package at your door. For the most part, they will follow your instructions, however if they feel that it isn't safe to leave a package in the open, they will return tomorrow and re-attempt delivery.


Q: I don't see a time-definite shipping option when I checkout. Why's that?
A: Not all cities / states are eligible for time-definite delivery. Zeal PC has tried its best to narrow down which cities are eligible for this shipping option. If a state is found to not offer time-definite delivery to some parts of the city, then we've most likely already removed that shipping option. In the event that your city is not eligible for time-definite shipping, but we've listed it as an option, we'll ship your package by the next fastest method, notify & refund the difference.


Q: Okay, so if DHL fails to deliver on time and I chose a time-definite service, how do I claim my shipping refund?
A: Send us an email through the contact form and we'll process your claim. Money-back guarantee claims must be submitted within 15 calendar days, and can take upwards to 30 days to process.


Shipping Info

Shipments to USA: **Please provide a buzzer # / special instructions such as "Deliver to leasing office" if you live in an apartment / condo**

$15 DHL Express - For small accessories & items under 1lb, such as cables, springs, switches, lube, etc.

$18 DHL Express 12:00pm

$23 DHL Express 10:30am


For every 1lb extra/larger items, expect to pay $1-2 more. For reference, a full retail Ducky Keycap boxed set costs $17 to ship, and a DIY keyboard / keyboard case costs $22 to USA.


Shipments to Canada:

$8-13 Expedited Parcel (Price varies depending on location, 1 day to BC, upwards to 3-7 days for Eastern provinces) - For small accessories & items under 2lbs, such as cables springs, switches, lube, etc.

$9-14 Xpresspost (Price varies depending on location, 1-2 days to most major cities in Canada)

If DIY keyboard kits / keysets fit under 2lb criteria, shipping price remains the same.


International Shipments:

$10-12 Small Packet Air. Usually delivered within 6-10 business days, however we cannot be liable for any lost or damaged packages.

$25-55* DHL Express. 2-3 Business days guaranteed delivery, with real time tracking.

*Price quoted is for non-remote areas only. Should your address be considered a remote area by DHL, it will be subject to a $30 surcharge. You will be contacted via e-mail if your address is a remote area.


Zeal PC will not be responsible for any unpaid COD fees, duties & taxes once your package has been delivered. USA & Canada shipments do not get charged with extra duties and taxes. Please check your local customs website for more details regarding tax-free limits.