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Authentic Cherry Gold Plated Stabilizers

Cherry Stabilizers: Plate Mount (6.25 Spacebar Wire)

Original Cherry Plate Mount Gold Plated Stabilizers. Perfect for TKL and 60% builds!

Each stabilizer set comes with the following sized stabilizers:

  • 4x 2u (Left Shift, Right Shift, Enter, Backspace)
  • 1x 6.25u (Spacebar) OR 1x 7u (Spacebar)

Please note:

PCB mount stabilizers are push-in type.

Most custom DIY keyboard kits use PCB mount style stabilizers.
Nearly all factory mass produced keyboards use Plate Mount stabilizers. This includes: K-Type, Poker, Ducky, CTRL, ALT, etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Good stabs to replace factory ones

I got a plate mount set to replace the stock stabilizers on my Drop CTRL. They significantly reduce the metallic rattle that a lot of pre-built keyboards have. I'm happy with them.

The 6.25u wire for the spacebar I got was clicking on one side however. I tried swapping the housings and inserts a few times but it persisted, so I concluded that the wire was the issue. I was able to reduce the sound by balancing the wire, but I could not eliminate it completely. Thankfully it's not too disruptive and still much quieter than my original stabs, so I can live with it.

The gold-plated wires are also a bit heavier than standard ones, so my Everglide Oreo switches had trouble returning them to their proper height. I had to swap them around until I found ones with enough strength. Something to consider if your switches have lighter springs.

Jeff B
Completley transformed my GK61

I got my GK61 in April 2020, and while I loved the form factor, the fake cherry stabilizers it comes with were total garbage. I cannot properly express in words just how much better these are.

And the amazing stabs also inspired my to lube my Gateron optical blacks with 205 g0, along with getting PBT caps.

Cannot recommend these enough.

These are the stabilizers you need

Super tight fit, great quality and once adequately lubed and clipped, rattle free!

Lance Patrick

WOW! I waited a while for these stabs to arrive, but that's ok because I'm very far from Canada. But the wait was worth the while. When these stabs arrived, I noticed that the wires were very thick. You almost had to force the wire into the inserts (I don't know if this is normal for authentic cherry stabs, this is my first set) They already felt good before lubing and clipping, but the 2U stabs were very cushioned in the bottom out. But I clipped the stabilizers and they felt much crispier. But then I lubed it, and WOW! These stabilizers are silky smooth, rattle-free, and they sound amazing! These stabs are an infinite upgrade compared to the absolute abomination of the GK61 stabilizers.

Ethan Nguyen
Finally, good stabs in stock!

I was hesitant at first with getting these with the gold plating, however after clipping, lubing and band-aiding them they sound really good. Although to some people the price might look a little high, it is worth it.