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Zeal™ Switch Sampler Pack

This sampler pack contains the following switches.

1x 62g Zealio V2 (Tactile)
1x 65g Zealio V2 (Tactile)
1x 67g Zealio V2 (Tactile)
1x 78g Zealio V2 (Tactile)
1x 62g Zilent V2 (Silent Tactile)
1x 65g Zilent V2 (Silent Tactile)
1x 67g Zilent V2 (Silent Tactile)
1x 78g Zilent V2 (Silent Tactile)
1x 62g Aqua Zilent V2 (Silent Tactile)
1x 67g Aqua Zilent V2 (Silent Tactile)
1x 63.5g Turquoise Tealio (Linear)
1x 65g Turquoise Tealio (Linear)
1x 62g Sakurio (Silent Linear)
1x 63.5g Healio V2 (Silent Linear)
1x 67g Rosélio (Silent Linear)
1x 67g Tealio V2 (Linear)
1x 3D Printed Zeal Switch tester frame with custom bumpons