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Coffee Crisp

Size: Double Double Coffee Crisp (50g)

Coffee Crisps are a Canadian favorite - now available while you shop!

Coffee Crisp King Size (75g), 2x 37.5g bars in one wrapper. 
Coffee Crisp 4 Pack (200g), 4x 50g bars individually wrapped.

New for 2021! - Double Double Coffee Crisp (50g). Famous Canadian coffee flavor now in a chocolate bar! Creamier coffee smelling/tasting than the classic coffee crisp. 

 4 Pack Double Double Coffee Crisp (200g), 4x 50g bars individually wrapped. 

Nestle Coffee Crisp chocolate bars consists of alternating layers of crispy vanilla wafers and a foamed coffee creme in the middle. Covered by a smooth milk chocolate outer layer, this Canadian favorite always makes a nice light snack!

Made with 100% sustainably sourced cocoa. Made in a peanut free facility.

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