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Domo DIY Switch Opener Kit

Color: Tiffany Blue

Introducing Domo - A small pocket sized switch opener that doubles as a desk gadget novelty. The perfect gift for someone special that loves to build and tinker — or a gift for yourself this holiday season.

Supports opening both MX and Kailh latching style tops. Both "switch drawers" are included in the package. Does not damage switch tops while opening as it uses a new switch opening process that releases the switch tops from the base without touching the stem. Simply insert the switch into the drawer and press the cylinder button downwards. Compatible with long pole switches and does not touch or damage the stem.

Lube is optional for the switch opener cylinder & springs. Mod as you see fit, as this is a fully DIY kit for you to tinker and build to your liking.

Small magnets included in the Domo may require a small dab of glue or sticky tack for permanent adhesion to the aluminum base and drawers. Please note that anodization hook marks may be present within the inner cylinder of the Domo. It is not visible once assembled, and does not constitute as a defect. 


CNC Machined aluminum. Anodized aluminum (e-coat for white finish models). Polished and gold plated center core, springs & screws.


Tiffany Blue / Gold
Black / Gold
White / Black / Gold
Green / Black / Gold
Red / Silver / Gold

Build guide / instructions below:

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