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EZ Switch Opener

Color: Black

Pop open switches swiftly without hassle! Increase switch opening efficiency while preventing accidental switch damage. 

-Anodized Aluminum

-Does not damage or deform switch top latches like traditional push-down openers

-Functions like a nut cracker

-Opens MX style switches only (Cherry, Gateron, Zeal switches). Does not support Kailh latch type switches


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Opens switches in seconds. Great little tool.

Worth every penny

You'll know this is a smart purchase if you've ever used pretty much any other switch opener - or, god forbid, opened them by hand

Nice construction

Well constructed, easy to use. Love the pin holes that ensure you don't mess up your switches. Used on more than 100 Sakurio switches today, faultless every time. Recommended.

Carson Lesko
Finally a solid and easy to use switch opener

This opener was a shot from half court that given past openers (gateron's past red dong) I didnt have huge hopes for since most get something wrong with these. Well, that shot was nothin but net and I am impressed with this, super easy to use and I would assume super awesome for those with arthritis or similar hand stuff or even just easy no effort use instead of the other old ways to open a switch.

This thing heven has holes to make sure the pins dont get bent on the switch and cherry switches fit perfectly.

My only con would be that kalih or however you spell em (switch style like the halu true from drop) do not work on this opener and it is purely for cherry switches.

overall 9/10 and I would recommend if you spend any amount of time on switches more than a one off build