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Zeal™ Plate Mount Stabilizers

Zeal™ Plate Mount Stabilizer Size: 4x 2u, 1x 6.25u

After numerous prototypes and adjustments, we've finally completed our version of the plate mount stabilizers. Fully clear nylon construction paired with gold plated wires.

Each set contains the following:

1x 6.25u OR 7u gold plated wire
4x 2u gold plated wires
10x Pre-clipped transparent inserts
10x Plate mount transparent housings

Please note: Majority of keyboards that use Plate mount stabilizers use the 6.25u stabilizer set.

Compatible with:
Ducky keyboards, Drop CTRL, SHIFT, ENTR, Poker 2, Poker 3, GMMK TKL, Keychron, etc.