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Clickiez® Switches (Clicky)

Weight: 40g

Switches in stock! 

1 Order = 10x Switches

Our long awaited premium clicky switch is finally here! After years of development and countless rounds of prototyping, samples, and delays, what better gift is there than to release the Clickiez® on Christmas day?

Clickiez® are offered in two weights:

40g bottom out (73g peak force, 32g actuation)
75g bottom out (95g peak force, 58g actuation)

Clickiez® are the world's first 3-in-1 MX switch that can transform into three different MX style switches via a non permanent mod to the leaf. These switches are fully compatible with Cherry profile keycaps when used with South facing switches (LED slot facing South, or in this case Zeal Logo facing South)

Featuring a Patented (US: US11923157B2, CA: CA3207809C) multi mode click leaf design, this switch can be transformed from Clicky to Ultra High Tactile (think BKE level, but even more extreme) to super smooth Linear switch modes by simply moving the secondary switch leaf within the housing. Demonstration video will be provided in January 2022. Please note that this mod will require opening the switch, and we do not provide any warranties or replacements for user damaged switches or leafs. We do not carry spare / loose switch parts as all switches are factory assembled.

This switch uses Gateron's latest CAP series design to add stability to the stem, while also making it more lube friendly. Gone are the days where switch lube pools into the bottom pole.

Please note: These Clickiez are NOT compatible with Costar stabilizers due to the click leaf design for the housing causing interference with the wire. Please use Cherry style stabilizers only.  

In stock shipping out same business day / next business day. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews

Perfect mix of tactility and sound, great switches.

Christian Smyth
Clickiez are THE BEST

If you like clicky switches then you owe it to yourself to try these bad boys out. They are completely different from both click bar and click jacket switches. One more color to add to your sonic palette!

Noah M.
Clicky switch for tactile folks

As a keyboard user who typically prefers heavy tactile switches, the Clickiez really give my usual switches a run for their money. I love the front-loaded bump and the extremely crisp break. I use them on my numpad and Esc key to liven up an otherwise quiet keyboard I use at work. Highly recommend these switches.

Very nice

Best MX mount clickybois

kin cheung

Great service and prompt delivery process.