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Japanese Kit Kats!


Hard to find Japanese snacks now available while you shop?!

Green Tea Kit Kat - Strong Matcha flavor

Yuzu Matcha Kit Kat - Yuzu (citrus) mixed with matcha

Ichigo Daifuku Kit Kat- Mochi rice ball & red bean paste + subtle strawberry flavor

Strawberry Kit Kat - Very fragrant strawberry smell & taste

Mandarin Orange Kit Kat - Mandarin orange flavor

Hojicha (Roasted Matcha) - Sweet, slightly smoky with a mellow bitter aftertaste

Sakura Sake Kit Kat (2020 Limited Edition) - Sakura + Amazake Sake powder (0.7% alcohol)

Sakura Mochi Kit Kat (2020 Limited Edition) - Light Sakura + red bean paste 

Salt Lychee Kit Kat (2020 Summer Edition) - Smooth white chocolate and a pinch of salt, this Kit Kat is fruity without being overly sweet. 

Cookies n Cream Ice Cream flavor Kit Kat (2020 Summer Edition) - Chocolate cookies are crushed and mixed into the ice cream flavored white chocolate exterior.

Chestnut Kit Kat - Mild nutty/chestnut flavor, limited edition. 

Onsen Manju Kit Kat - Red Bean steamed bun flavor, limited edition. Onsen Manju is a traditional Japanese treat that is sold near most hot spring areas in Japan. Onsen Manju means "hot spring steamed buns" and are steamed buns filled with a sweet red bean paste. 

Japanese Cheesecake Kit Kat - Japanese cheesecake flavour, sweet and savory cheesecake taste.

Apple Pie Kit Kat - Halloween Special Edition, Strong Apple Pie flavor.

Sweet Potato Kit Kat - Fall 2020 edition, white chocolate with sweet potato flavor.