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Zeal® Plate Mount Stabilizers

Zeal® Plate Mount Stabilizer Size: 4x 2u, 1x 6.25u

After numerous prototypes and adjustments, we've finally completed our version of the perfect plate mount stabilizers. Fully clear nylon construction paired with gold plated wires. Completely eliminates rattling and ticking. 

Each set contains the following:

1x 6.25u OR 7u gold plated wire
4x 2u gold plated wires
10x Pre-clipped transparent inserts
10x Plate mount transparent housings

Please note: Majority of keyboards that use Plate mount stabilizers use the 6.25u stabilizer set.

Compatible with:
Ducky keyboards, Drop CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, ENTR, Poker 2, Poker 3, GMMK TKL, Keychron, etc.

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