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Zeal® Switch Sampler Pack

This sampler pack contains the following switches. Keycaps are not included. 

1x 62g Zealio V2 (Tactile)
1x 65g Zealio V2 (Tactile)
1x 67g Zealio V2 (Tactile)
1x 78g Zealio V2 (Tactile)
1x 62g Zilent V2 (Silent Tactile)
1x 65g Zilent V2 (Silent Tactile)
1x 67g Zilent V2 (Silent Tactile)
1x 78g Zilent V2 (Silent Tactile)
1x 62g Aqua Zilent V2 (Silent Tactile)
1x 67g Aqua Zilent V2 (Silent Tactile)
1x 63.5g Turquoise Tealio (Linear)
1x 65g Turquoise Tealio (Linear)
1x 62g Sakurio (Silent Linear)
1x 63.5g Healio V2 (Silent Linear)
1x 67g Rosélio (Silent Linear)
1x 67g Tealio V2 (Linear)
1x 3D Printed Zeal Switch tester frame with custom bumpons


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mike Reid
Very nice

Super helpful for deciding what switches to buy. Would recommend if you're new to mechanical keyboards or if you just want to be sure you're buying the switches that suit you best. The 3D-printed frame is very well made too, even though I put the switches in a hot-swap board to test them.

Charlie Parker
Fast Delivery

The only thing that's considered in buying this (in my opinion) are shipping times.
If you're considering this, dude just buy it, you won't be disappointed.
The shipping was really quick and nice, came to me (near LA) from Canada in three days, with consistent notifications telling me where the tracked package was.
P.S. I appreciated the bonus candy and sticker ;)

Mitchell Warzecha
Exactly what you're looking for

Each switch is individually packaged and marked for convenience. I was curious about the Zilents as I recently grew an appreciation for tactile switches but I'm really not a fan of loud, clicky keys. I immediately fell in love with the Zilent V2s and found the 67g to be my perfect fit. Shipping was quick considering the state of society right now around COVID-19 and yet Zeal delivered with zero issues. I've already got my full board of switches ordered within an hour of testing out the tester pack. If you think $25 is steep for a test set of switches, I assure you it is 100% worth it for the ease of mind of knowing you chose the perfect switch. I, too, was skeptical of the price but after experiencing Zeal's amazing build quality and attention to detail, I am now a huge fan! Thanks Zeal, keep doing what you do!

It is what it is

Packaged nicely and shipped quickly. Each switch is packaged and labeled individually. Practically a must if you're not 100% sure on what you're looking for.

Joshua Linsangan
Sampler that makes you want more

Definitely helpful. Helped me decide on my favorites of Healios/Roselios/Sakurios and 62g Zilents. Perhaps a bit steep in price for 10 switches, but worth it in my opinion. Plus, the pack itself can fill out a switch tester.