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Zealio® V1 Redux Switches

Zealio™ V1 Redux: 62g

Do you remember our Zealio V1s? Do you miss typing on a medium tactile switch with a bump mid way through the keypress?
There has been a lack of medium tactile switches lately, so we are looking forward to fill in that gap once again.
It has been three years since the retirement of our original Zealio V1 switches. We are excited to announce and bring back the switch that spearheaded the boutique switch market back in 2015!

Introducing our latest Zealio V1 Redux switches:

  • 62g or 67g Bottom Out
  • 5 Pin "PCB Mount"
  • Fully Opaque Nylon Housing
  • POM Stem
  • OG Zealio V1 Stem Mold
  • Medium Tactile, Bump Mid-Travel
  • Two Pin Through Hole LED Support
  • No SMD LED Cutout Underneath For Optimum Switch Acoustics, aka "thock"

1 order = 10x switches

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mat Bianchi
My first custom keeb switch, 40+ types later I'm back for more

Being a expatriate Canadian I like to support well made quality Canadian products. Zealpc, Titan controls and bombardier all come to mind though there are many others.

These switches are smooth and snappy with a very nice tactility, they really spoiled me being the first custom switch I ever bought with a great many to follow. I've recently found myself wanting to have enough to do a full tkl with a few to spare to tinker with so I thought I'd leave a review as these are once again on sale.

If your looking for an interesting high quality switch these are excellent and worthwhile at regular price but when on sale? Forget about it you go for these! The v2 don't particularly grab my attention because of the significantly cheaper alternatives that lack the unique character I find with the v1 redux. You can stop thinking and buy them if your in the tactile market.




Super fast shipping and delivery~ However, personally, I don’t like the V1 zealios as much as the V2


Canadian quality


As described