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Thick Lube


For the enthusiasts that want the best of the best, we now offer two types of lubes for our customers:

TriboSys 3204, a semifluid grease that does not move when flipped upside down, but also quite fluid in motion when used within switches & stabilizers. This lube is custom ordered and manufactured for the keyboard community.

Packed in a 5ml leak-proof vial. 5ml is enough for 270-300 switches when used properly.

Great for Linears, Tactile, Spring and Stabilizers.

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GeekHackers V4 lube kits are now available!

GH V4 lube kits are filled in a 2ml leak-proof vial. One vial is enough for a full size keyboard and a bit more.

THICK Lube - Good for Linear (apply thin coat)/Tactile Switches, Springs & Stabilizers.

Custom mixture of a thick Krytox oil and a Grade 3 Krytox grease


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