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Aqua Zilent® V2 Switches (Silent Tactile)

Switch Option: 62g

Introducing our Boutique Collection of Switches - Aqua Zilent

These switches were designed with the enthusiasts in mind that value aesthetics, tactility, and silence. Two weights are offered: 62g and 67g bottom out. The color matching possibilities are endless.

62g Aqua Zilent switches feature a lighter toned aqua blue housing, carefully matched with our signature 62g Zilent V2 stem.

67g Aqua Zilent switches feature a darker toned aqua blue housing, carefully matched with our signature 67g Zilent V2 stem.

Zilent switches are currently the smoothest, quietest and most tactile MX switch available on the market. Tactile bump starts at the very top.


1 Order = 10 Switches.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Esperando esta versión

Me encantarian estos switchs en versión bajo perfil, ¿algún día podrán salir a la venta?

Top notch

Very good switches, after trying both glorious pandas and drop holy pandas these are by far the best in my opinion. I love the feel and the quiet nature of the switch.

bouncy, lithe

I've tested around 25 switches, and nothing compares to these (62g + 3203 on springs only). My use case is coding and light writing. The suppleness is fascinating and I honestly enjoy coding more now. The sound dampeners aren't squishy so my fingers don't get fatigued, and the sound itself is beautifully quiet. It really is a benchmark switch, and you're doing yourself a disfavor if you don't at least find a way to try them so you know what is possible.

Performs as advertised!

Purchased the aquas along with the zeal plate mount stabs for my Drop Alt. WOW! These switches are stealth. Along with some lube and band aid modding, these switches have transformed my board!


There is a very very slight amount of pre-travel at the top, which is fine as these have the least amount of pre-travel I've personally experienced. The switches live up to their hype, and totally worth the money.