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[Pre-order] Sakurio® / Rosélio® Switches (Silent Linear)

Switch Option: 62g Sakurio

This is a pre-order, NOT IN STOCK. Switches discounted during pre-order for a limited time. Estimated Shipping Aug/Sept 2024

1 order = 10x switches 

62g Sakurio (サクリオ) features a Pantone 1765C stem.

67g Rosélio feature a Pantone 189C stem.

These switches will keep you company this Valentine's day. Indulge yourself with these smooth and silent linears with every stroke.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Ryan A
Delightful every day

I love them, and worth every penny.

I finally found my endgame switch, and plan on ordering more. I've never felt or heard a switch so pleasing.


Best silent linear switch. Period. No mushiness, everything is solid.

David Bradford II
Housing is great for frankenswitchs.

If you have had these for a while, buy a set of NK Creams and take the stems out of them and put those in the Sakuios housings.

Incredible Switches

These switches are fairly expensive, but in my opinion they are worth it. I lubed them and they are very quiet. Using them on foam and car dampener sounds and feels incredible.

They are fairly heavy switches, which I like, but you may want to replace the springs or just get the Sakurios if you do not have strong fingers/get fatigued easily.

Shipping was quick and took less than a week to the Southeast US if I remember correctly.

Love the Sakurio swicthes and their delivery.

These switches are awesome. They were quiet as advertised and smooth. I ordered mine and it dot delivered the next day.