Programming your Zephyr/Zeal65 June 16 2018

Congratulations on purchasing your Zephyr! We hope you're happy with the keyboard, and we'd like to thank you for your support and patience while it was being produced.

All Zephyrs come pre-flashed with the latest V0.9 firmware. Keymap is set to standard WKL 65%, regular backspace with stabilizer LEDs turned on in the keymap.

To turn on the stabilizer LEDs, simply bridge "JC16A", "JD5A", "JB8A", "JB4A", "JB4". If you're using HHKB layout split backspace, don't bridge "JB4". You should also use zeal65_keymap_wilba.bat as a starting point for HHKB layout editing.

Please download the Firmware HERE to further tweak your layout. No need to generate your own hex, all keymap editing is done via text editor when you edit the .bat file. After editing the .bat, save it and run it along with the Zeal65.exe in the same directory/folder.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us direct via our Contact Us form.